SCO Skunkware

Open Source Software

The Skunkware team includes but is not limited to:

  • Ronald Joe Record ( - Skunkware "Skunkmom", Custom and pkgadd packaging, CD mastering, apache, Count, kde, php, xinvest, dejagnu, make, autoconf, xquote, xboing, xgalaga, xdoom, astrolog, xmame, xwave, xhtml, xcoral, xfishtank, xtartan, xfig, transfig, xlockmore, xscreensaver, xautolock, xv, xanim, xpdf, mpeg stuff, audio stuff, freeWAIS, xarchie, xdir, gawk, mtools, python, squid, rcs, cvs, zircon, ashe, release notes, HTML, ImageMagick, AfterStep, Enlightenment, fvwm, fvwm95, xmcd, xmmix, gcc/egcs integration, mathrec, mkpkg/mkvol, msql, mysql, Acme Labs Java classes, addressbook, Eterm, FSU Pthreads, fetchmail, freefonts, Gimp User Manual, memhog/cpuhog/iohog, Hypermail, httpanalyze, INN, irc/ircd, majordomo, mtools, patch, SmallEiffel, sox, spambnc, tftpd, xaos, xearth. Xswallow, omniORB, Festival, MRTG, JFS, Webmin, Sound Studio, BIND, DHCP, Wine, Pente, MGP, InfoDock and whatever else.
  • Michael J. Hopkirk ( - All TCL, TK, expect and Perl stuff for both OpenServer and UnixWare, bash, rxvt, ncftp, readline, getline, md5, nvi, magic, joe, vim, elvis, jed, slang, vile, pico, UnixWare packaging, HTML fodder, advice, testing and general support, both moral and technical.
  • J. Kean Johnston ( - AfterStep, WindowMaker, enscript, gimp, gnuchess, lynx, midnight commander, unarj/unrar/unzip, zsh, bash, xfree, egcs, gdb, updated gnu stuff, ImageMagick and friends, perl, xv with new patches & libs, gv, ghostscript, python, TeX, xmcd, xmmix, wuftpd, mutt, freetype, jpeg, jbig, compface, gd, giflib, mesa, imlib, xpm, zlib, tiff, gtk, Xemacs
  • Robert Lipe ( - The GNU C Compiler, EGCS, and associated development tools. The Man.
  • Roch Skelton ( - Roch has helped with every Skunkware release we've done. CD-ROM cutting consultant, hardware lender, packaging guru, general product engineering.
  • Hiram Clawson ( - Testing, test equipment, X11 technical consulting.
  • Jens Scheithauer ( - Sane and Xsane scanner support.
  • Mike Davidson ( - Lxrun (Linux emulator), direct video graphics stuff, help with pthreads, hard problem advice, ...
  • Rainer Flucke ( - Valuable testing.
  • Jon Coyle ( - BladeEnc (MP3 encoder), Strobe (port scanning tool), Sentry (port scan detector), general security related software porting/packaging/testing.
  • Kurt Hutchinson ( - IMAP4, pop3 & pine for both OpenServer and UnixWare.
  • Michael Brinke-Engel ( - Cdrecord (support for a wide variety of writeable CD-ROM drives) porting, testing, documentation, coordination, ...
  • Louis Imershein ( - Samba, advice, pointers, Webtop integration and system administration consulting.
  • Don Wooton - The burncd CD-ROM writing software.
  • Brent Roman ( - SCO customization/testing/modification of Fvwm95.
  • John Gray ( - Xmixer vtcl audio mixer.
  • John Dubois ( - System administration and other useful scripts.
  • Scott Popp ( - The vol2pkg script to convert custom installable media images to pkgadd installable filesystem format files.
  • Dirk Karjack ( - Hardware donations for both testing and development, demo setups, preparation for shows/conferences/presentations/panels, pointers and testing, the very 1st Skunkware laptop.
  • David Bacon ( - Hardware donations for both testing and development.
  • Lisa Giles ( - Couldn't have made the handoff deadline without critical last minute support.
  • Julie Wider - CD manufacturing, artwork, packaging, organizing the engineers :-)
  • Mona Cayabyab - Skunkware requests, scheduling, personal assistance, good cheer
  • Petr Sorfa ( - Skunkware CD and packaging artwork.
  • Dion Johnson ( - SCO's Czar of Free Stuff, guidance, logistics, liason with The Powers That Be, advice, legal matters, hardware allocation, budget allocation, and most of all the freedom he gave us in creating this thang!
  • Doug Michels - SCO's co-founder, CEO and Skunkware champion, without whom none of this would have been possible. Thank you for your support, Doug!
  • Several contributors are not SCO employees. These include Mark A. Rogers" (, who helped with the SCO OpenServer port of Apache 1.2.4; Meredith Whyles (, who provided the SCO OpenServer port of VRweb and it's Java based successor, VRwave; Dave Richards ( provided several interesting and useful X clients; Tom Parsons who provided extensive and valuable test reports; the usual suspects out there in Open Skunkware land - Phil Hollenback (, J-P Radley, Boyd Lynn Gerber, Udo Munk, Matthew Thurmaier, Ed Hew, and many others who regularly contribute, criticize, create and evolve Skunkware.
  • Many, many, many more people whose names slip my mind right now. A project such as Skunkware is the result of a large collaborative effort, which touches the desks of many people. To all of those whose names I have forgotten, or whose contributions have gone unmentioned, I apologize in advance. Please let me know and I will make sure your name appears on this list.

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