Skunkware 2006 Edition
For SCO OpenServer 6

Skunkware 2006 Edition is a collection of open source or freely distributable programs ported to SCO OpenServer 6. It includes the following software categories:

  • Audio and video tools and drivers
  • Games
  • Graphics tools, libraries, and utilities
  • Languages and language utilities
  • Office productivity utilities and programs
  • Programming tools
  • Technical library supplements
  • Text editors
  • And much, much more.

Installation Instructions are available HERE.

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File Name Description
aalib ascii art library
albumart Album Cover Art Downloader
antiword convert word documents to text
AST Advanced Software Technologies from AT&T
avida artificial life research system
bashburn script for creating CDs
bb aalib demo
beecrypt fast cryptography toolkit
blt tcl tk extension
bluefish graphical Web development editor
boxit easy to learn, difficult to master logic game
byacc Berkeley Yacc
cairo vector graphics library
cgilib Common Gateway Interface library
cowsay talking cow
detox cleanup filenames
egroupware suite of groupware modules
eric Python IDE
fetchmail mail retrieval and forwarding
file utility for determining file types
fltk fast light tool kit
fortune display a fortune
freeradius Radius Server
gaim multi-protocol instant messaging client
getopt getopt library
gimp GNU Image Manipulation Program
gimphelp help for the gimp
gmp arbitrary precision arithmetic library
gnet simple network library
gnuchess GNU Chess
gnump3d Streaming MP3 Server
gnupg GNU Privacy Guard
gnutar GNU tar
gtklife Conway's game of life
gtkpod a GUI for the Apple iPod
gv view PostScript files
help2man GNU help2man
html2hdml html to hdml converter
hylafax a fax and paging system
ImageMagick automated and interactive image manipulation
ispell an interactive spelling checker
jboss an Enterprise JavaBeans application server
jpilot Palm pilot desktop applications
lame create mp3 audio files
libao Cross-platform Audio Library
libglade Glade library
libid3tag ID3 tag manipulation library
libmad MPEG audio decoder library
libogg Ogg bitstream format implementation
libungif uncompressed GIF image library
libvorbis Vorbis audio implementation
links text/graphical web browser similar to lynx
magicpoint X11 based presentation software
mathrec mathematical recreations
mc midnight commander user shell
mod_python Apache Python module
modruby embeds Ruby in Apache
mp3info MP3 info viewer and ID3 tag editor
mrtg Multi Router Traffic Grapher
mtools read, write, format DOS disks under Unix
musicextras retrieve extra information for songs
mutt simple mail client
nas Network Audio System
ncftp FTP client applications
NetSNMP Perl interface to SNMP
ocaml Objective Caml ML dialect
openradius modular Radius server
pan graphical usenet news reader
panther development and deployment framework
PerlGD Perl interface to GD
pgadmin3 PostgreSQL Management System
phpMyAdmin web based MySQL administration
phpmyfaq PHP MySQL FAQ manager
phpPgAdmin web based PostgreSQL administration
PIL Python Imaging Library
pilotlink a suite of tools for communicating with Palm handhelds
psutils Tools for manipulating PostScript files
PyGreSQL Python Client Library for PostgreSQL
pygtk Python GTK
PyQt Python bindings for the Qt GUI toolkit
Python scripting language with X interface
qscintilla graphical source code editor and debugger
qtadd some missing Qt pieces
racc LALR Parser Generator
radiance synthetic imaging system
rake Ruby make-like utility
rbbr Ruby Browser
recode character set converter
risk the game of risk
routers2 Frontend to RRDTool databases created by MRTG
rpm package manager
rrdtool Round Robin Database Tools
rsync remote file synchronization
ruby object oriented scripting language
rubygems Ruby standard for publishing and managing third party libraries
rubygettext Native Language Support
rubygtk2 Ruby language bindings for GTK2
rubymp3info low level information on mp3 files
scoutils some useful utilities
SDL Simple DirectMedia Layer Library
SDL_image SDL image loading library
sip Python C and C++ Bindings Generator
slocate secure locate
smbcrawler list workgroups, servers, and shares
smsync convert sms messages to mailbox format
sox universal sound sample translator
sqlite embeddable SQL database engine
stlport C++ Standard Library implementation
SugarSuite customer relationship management application
tetex a TeX distribution for UNIX
texi2html texi to html
tgif 2D drawing facility
thingamablog weblog authoring and publishing
tightvnc a remote display system
vorbistools Ogg Vorbis Tools
webalizer web server log analysis program
wxGTK C++ GUI framework
Xanim X11 Animation Viewer
XaoS interactive fractal zoomer
xbl XBlockOut
xboard X11 game board interface
xcdroast graphical frontend for cdrtools
xcerdisp Windows CD remote control with X
xchat graphical IRC client
xdir graphical FTP client
xdiskusage graphical disk usage display
xellplan web based event and volunteers manager
XEmacs An internationalized text editor
xpaint X11 paint program
xroot root window image manipulation
xscreensaver screen saver and locker
xv image viewer
zope web application platform
zopeinterface zope interface
zsync rsync-like file sync for web servers