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The MIDI Farm
USA Used Gear Price List
USA New Gear Price List
Music Search Results at www.ramp.com
Sam - Sysex Manager
Original Jazz Charts
Music Resources on the Internet
Music ftp Sites
Sibelius Academy Music Links
John's MIDI Converters!
Info: synth
Synth Patches, etc. wozzeck.tfo.arizona.edu/pub
MIDI Home Page
Cakewalk Home Page
Categories of Music Links
CERL Sound Group
Computer Music Journal Home Page
[CSS] Music: Home Page
LEO - /pub/comp/platforms/pc/windows/sound/programs
Leper's Schematics
Liste des serveurs / Servers List
LSI - Computer Music at LSI
Michael's Interesting Music Network Locations
MIDI Archive Sites
MKB Music Harmony list
Music and Sound - Texas Tech University
Music ftp Sites
Music: Genres
Music Instruction Software
Online Music References
Other WWW Music Resources
Remote file ftp.cs.ruu.nl/pub/MIDI/DOC
Remote file ftp.cs.ruu.nl/pub/MIDI/DOC/archives
Remote file ftp.diku.dk/pub/music/
Remote file sunsite.unc.edu/pub/multimedia
Special Internet Connections: Last update 7/28/94
the Alf Midi Site
Music Machines (includes The Analogue Heaven Home Page)
The Arachnaut's Lair - Music Links
Virginia Tech Music Department Home Page
Web Wide World of Music
AUDITORY home page
Music: Electrosonics
Musica Hotlist
MUSIE - MU's Information Exploratorium
Remote file ftp.eng.ufl.edu/./pub/msdos/demos/music/programs
The Mammoth Music Meta-List @ VIBE
Harmony Central Main Menu
Keyboard System Exclusive Magazine
MIDILink Musician's Net
Computer Music at Texas A&M
Music Resources
Remote file ftp.prz.tu-berlin.de/pub/MusicAnalysis/
Remote file ftp.wd.utu.fi/pub/mmedia/audio/midi

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