Introducing SCO Skunkware (tm) Release 5

SCO Skunkware 5 is a promotional distribution of interesting and educational tools, toys, and technology for SCO technical customers. The point is to show a few of the things you can use, modify, and compile with SCO software, and in particular, SCO development systems, and to preview some interesting new software that SCO is developing.

A few highlights in SCO Skunkware 5 : and a bunch more stuff... about 650 MB total.

The SCO Skunkware 5 media is a CD-ROM which is in the SCO High-Sierra Rockridge filesystem format. It can be mounted and read on SCO OpenServer Release 5. For most of the components, source code is also provided.
NOTE TO ODT 3.0 USERS : The Rockridge extensions to the High-Sierra filesystem format are not supported under SCO ODT 3.0. In order to mount the SCO Skunkware 5 CD-ROM on an ODT 3.0 system, use the command :
        # mount -r -f HS,lower /dev/cd0 /usr/skunk
All filenames will be mapped to lower case and truncated to a maximum of 8 characters with a 3 character suffix (i.e. 8.3 file naming as in MS-DOS). Although the ELF binary format and use of DLL's prevents execution on ODT 3.0 systems, you will still be able to read and copy files to your system (e.g. you may want to apply one or more of the Technical Level Supplements in /usr/skunk/tls to your ODT 3.0 system).

The SCO Skunkware 5 files are available as follows:

Please remember this cd-rom is NOT an SCO product although some of the material is licensed only for use on SCO systems. It is not, and should not be sold. Support and assistance for this software is not provided by SCO. In some cases, individual authors have expressed willingness to deal with bugs or other dialogue. See the individual README files on the CD-ROM. Please note: All recipients of the SCO Skunkware 5 distribution MUST observe the authors' conditions and stipulations with respect to redistribution, modification, etc.

Thanks to the vast army of contributors in the technical community, and blessed be the Internet for making it all possible. Thanks to many engineers at SCO, and especially to Ron Record who has been the head Skunkworker for all SCO Skunkware releases, and to Kathy Worrell who is our Skunkprojectmanager.

As usual, your comments are welcome. Have fun!

Dion Johnson
SCO Product Manager - Development Systems
400 Encinal St. Santa Cruz, CA 95061
FAX: 408-427-5417 Voice: 408-427-7565

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