Welcome to the Matt Brocchini Memorial

Savage Rabbit Art Gallery

Fractal Rabbit Wing

The images in this wing of the Savage Rabbit were all created with X11 graphical clients written on SCO ODT 3.0 and SCO OpenServer 5 systems by Ronald Joe Record.

In here you'll find strange attractors, Mandelbrot zooms, artificial landscapes, iterated parametric equations, fractal aggregate growth and Lyapunov sets. Here's a taste of the art generated by iterated endomorphisms of the plane.

For a journey through Lyapunov Space, enter the Lyapunov Rabbit Wing.

To view the whorls and sunflowers of Seahorse Valley, enter the Mandelbrot Rabbit Wing.

Check out the strange attractors in the Endomorphic Rabbit Wing.

Go where no person will ever go in the Topographic Rabbit Wing.

See simulations of fractal aggregate growth in the Sporographic Rabbit Wing.

Investigate the dynamics of iterated systems of parametric equations in the Iterographic Rabbit Wing.

Pop Art Wing

Find out if Warhol work[s ed] at SCO by viewing Faith Zack's Campbell's Soup Cans.

Figure out the mystery guests in this bizarre exhibit.

Catch a glimpse of the Savage Rabbit curators with a few of their friends in this Curator Collage #1

and the psychedelicized version - Curator Collage #2.

Scrutinize the enigmatic equestrian and egalitarian ethos of faith

or ponder the depth of Manly Men.

Self Portrait Wing

Savage Rabbit artists turn their collective vision upon themselves

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