New SCO Visual Tcl Reference Guide

Improved SCO Visual Tcl Documentation

A set of custom-installable documentation for SCO Visual Tcl has been made available. This documentation has been reorganized to provide a more balanced and consistently-structured collection of the entire SCO Visual Tcl programming language. Chapters within this book (located under "Books" within the Operating System Documentation Set) include:

The Postscript Version

The reference guide has also been made available in postscript format as This will be particularly useful to Open Desktop 3.0 customers who will not be able to use the new SCOHelp-based SCO Visual Tcl Reference Guide.

New Man Pages

Also included are two new man pages, TCLX and VTCL, located within the Reference Documentation Set.

Early Availability Documentation

This new SCO Visual Tcl documentation should be considered as early availability documentation which does not meet final SCO documentation criteria. Specifically, the SCO Visual Tcl Reference Guide does not include an index at this time. Users are encouraged to use the Table of Contents, online hot links, and full-text search capabilities of ScoHelp to locate the information they need. Please note that this new documentation does not overwrite the existing SCO Visual Tcl SCO OpenServer Release 5 documentation.

Your Feedback

We appreciate your feedback on this documentation. For information on how to contact us, please refer to the section "How to contact us" in the preface to the SCO Visual Tcl Reference Guide

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