SCO Skunkware Computer Animations

In order to view these animations, you will need to have an mpeg viewer called mpeg_play in your path. If you have the Skunkware CD-ROM mounted on /usr/skunk, then placing /usr/skunk/bin/X11 in your path should be sufficient.

These are not all of the animations available on Skunkware. To view the others, use /usr/skunk/bin/X11/xanim to play back the files in /skunkware/pics/anim/flc and /skunkware/pics/anim/fli.

The animations available via this document are MPEG and AVI files and they live in /pics/anim/mpeg and /pics/anim/avi on the Skunkware CD-ROM. The MPEG format used supports video only. No sound. The description is often just the filename. Sorry.

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