20 May 1994


Scoflick - interactive animation viewing tool


command line options usage: scoflick -[cemsx] [-d{delay}] [-r{count}] [-g{geom}] [-p{pause}] file

-c Take over the colormap. (May cause the screen to go technicolor)
-d{delay} Delay between frames in 1/70s.
-e End program after playing animation.
-g{geom} Geometry (only the location is used, size is ignored.)
+0+0 : upper left corner
-0-0 : lower right corner
-0+0 : upper right corner
+0-0 : lower left corner
-m Use shared memory if it is available.
-p{pause} Pause after the last frame (seconds).
-r{count}Repeat count times.
-s Don't play any sound.
-x Magnification factor.

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