xblast - Multi-player blast the others game

          xblast -D[efault] -p[layer] n:m -d[isplay] <display>
          -l[evel] n -o[ther] <list> -n[ame] <list> -r[random]
          -q[uiet] -v[ictories] n -L[ives] -h[elp] -?  -S[ave]

          -D[default]             load default settings from ~/.xblast
          -p[layer] n:m           n # of players, m # of displays
          -d[isplay] <display>    specify your display
          -l[evel] n              Start at level n
          -o[ther] <list>         list of other players' displays
          -n[ame] <list>          list of all players' names
          -q[uiet]                no (bell) sound
          -r[andom]               random level order
          -v[ictories] n          n number of victories to win game
          -L[ifes] n              n number of lifes
          -h[elp] or -?           prints options and controls
          -S[ave]                 save settings as defaulr

          The idea of the game is quite simple "There can be only one
          ...".  So the aim is to blast away all the other players.
          You can set the number of victorious matches required to win
          the total game with the `-v` option.  Use your bombs to
          blast away the other players and certain blocks (e.g. the
          ?-Blocks in the 1st level). Under some of these blocks are
          extras. In this release are the following extras:
          o bomb                increases the number of bombs you
                                can drop simultaneously
          o flame               increases the range of your bombs
          o remote control      remote ignition of your bombs
          o skull               infects you with a (random) illness.
          o star                makes you invincible
          o button              all bombs on the map explode
          o moving bomb         allows you to kick bombs

          The number keys 2,4,6,8 (preferably on the number pad) are
          used to   control the first player of each X-server. If you
          press one of these keys the player starts walking in this
          direction and stops only if he/she hits an obstacle or the
          stop key 5 is pressed. In the latter case the player stops
          in the middle of the next field. Furthermore you can change
          the walking direction by using the direction keys.  If the
          key 0 is pressed a bomb is dropped in the middle of the
          player's actual field. Be careful not to drop the bomb to
          early, as you can block your own way with it (bombs are
          always blocking the way). For performing special actions
          like the Remote Ignition, press the PLUS or the RETURN key.
          To kick bombs just run into it.

          The second player of the X-Server uses the keys T, F, H, V/B
          to walk, SPACE to bomb, TAB for special actions, G to stop.
          If only one player uses an X-Server both controls will work
          for him.

          To quit the game press CTRL-Q.

          1   Seek'n Destroy
          2   Treasure Hunt
          3   Shrinking World
          4   XBomb 2000
          5   Full Power Level
          6   Hexagon Excitation
          7   Running Man
          8   Legoland
          9   Paradise City
          10  Hallowe'en

          If you start xblast without any option an interactive setup
          of game parameters is started.
          xblast -p 2:2 -o X02:0 -n Tom Jerry With this options, you
          have 2 players named Tom and Jerry on to different X-
          servers, where  you play on your default X-Server while the
          other one is playing on a server named X02.
          xblast -p 3:2 -d X17:0 -o X13:0 -v 2 -l 2 Now your have
          three players on two servers X17:0 and X13:0, where player 1
          and 3 are using X17 while player 2 uses X13. Furthermore the
          game is won after winning two levels and is started at level

          If the programm doesn't react to any keypress, move the
          mouse pointer outside the window and then inside again.

          With certain X-Servers the control via number-pad doesn't
          work. Try Num-Lock, the optional control or  change your
          Xmodmap. This should be fixed since release 1.0.

          Oliver Vogel - vogel@ikp.uni-koeln.de