Look for software on the internet

Contributed by
Larry Philps
Obtained from
anonymous ftp
Public Domain
This program allows you to query an archie server in a non-interactive manner. Archie servers maintain a database of software that is available for anonymous ftp at many thousands of sites on the internet. Using archie with a pattern to match allows one to find many places from which a piece of software might be obtained.
There is lots of incredibly useful software available for free on the internet, this program helps one find that software.
Examined code and used it for months
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Manual page
Run "archie -V -m 1 gcc" This should list one place on the internet where the gcc compile is available. Notes: Be patient. archie is not fast, it give precedence to interactive users, and thus during busy times in the middle of the day can take hours to complete. If you need an answer right away telnet to an archie server and do the search interactively.

Note that all this source is configured to be installed under /usr/skunk. To build it for a different location, compile with make CTRBDESTDIR=directory.