size - list section sizes and total size.

          size [-A|-B|--format=compatibility] [--help]
               [-d|-o|-x|--radix=number] [--target=bfdname]
               [-V|--version] objfile...

          The GNU size utility lists the section sizes-and  the  total
          size-for  each  of  the object files objfile in its argument
          list.  By default, one line of output is generated for  each
          object file or each module in an archive.



          --format compatibility
                Using one of these options, you can choose whether the
               output  from  GNU  size  resembles output from System V
               size (using `-A', or `--format=sysv'), or Berkeley size
               (using  `-B',  or `--format=berkeley').  The default is
               the one-line format similar to Berkeley's.

               Show a summary of acceptable arguments and options.




          --radix number
                Using one of these options, you  can  control  whether
               the  size of each section is given in decimal (`-d', or
               `--radix 10'); octal (`-o', or `--radix 8'); or hexade-
               cimal  (`-x',  or  `--radix 16').  In `--radix number',
               only the three values (8, 10, 16) are  supported.   The
               total  size is always given in two radices; decimal and
               hexadecimal for `-d' or `-x' output, or octal and hexa-
               decimal if you're using `-o'.

          --target bfdname
                You can specify a particular  object-code  format  for

               objfile  as  bfdname.   This may not be necessary; size
               can  automatically  recognize   many   formats.     See
               objdump(1)  for  information  on listing available for-


               Display version number information on size itself.

          `binutils' entry in info; TheGNUBinaryUtilities,
           Roland H. Pesch (October 1991); ar(1), objdump(1).

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