strings - print the strings of printable characters in files

               [-a|-|--all] [-f|--print-file-name] [-o] [--help]
               [-v|--version] [-n min-len|-min-len|--bytes=min-len]
               [-t {o,x,d}[--target=bfdname] |--radix={o,x,d}] file

          For each file given, GNU strings prints the printable  char-
          acter  sequences that are at least 4 characters long (or the
          number given with the options below) and are followed  by  a
          NUL  or  newline  character.  By default, it only prints the
          strings from the initialized data sections of object  files;
          for  other  types  of  files, it prints the strings from the
          whole file.

          strings is mainly useful for  determining  the  contents  of
          non-text files.

          The long and short forms of options, shown here as  alterna-
          tives, are equivalent.



          -    Do not scan only the initialized data section of object
               files; scan the whole files.


               Print the name of the file before each string.

               Print a summary of the options to strings on the  stan-
               dard output and exit.


               Print the version number of  strings  on  the  standard
               output and exit.

          -n min-len

               Print sequences of characters that are at least min-len
               characters long, instead of the default 4.

          -t {o,x,d}

               Print the offset within the file  before  each  string.
               The  single  character  argument specifies the radix of
               the offset-octal, hexadecimal, or decimal.

                Specify an object code format other than your system's
               default  format.   See  objdump(1),  for information on
               listing available formats.

          -o   Like -t o.

          `binutils' entry in info; The GNU Binary  Utilities,  Roland
          H.  Pesch  (October  1991);  ar(1),  nm(1), objdump(1), ran-

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