Graphical User Interface to ghostscript

Contributed by
Tom Kelly (version 1.5)
Larry Philps (version 1.2)
Obtained from
GNU Copyleft
This program is a graphical front end to the ghostscript Postscript previewer. It displays one page at a time of a postscript document and allow you to jump around the document to random pages, resize the window, rotate the image, extract random pages from the document and either save them in a new file or print them. It uses the athena widgets, and is compiled with the X and C shared libraries.
This program can save oodles of paper. A great way to preview exactly what will show up on the paper before you actually print it.
Half the world uses it, somebody would've complained by now.
Work Planned
manual page.
Take any troff input document, and use the -s option to sqts, this will cause the postscript representation of the document to be sent to standard output instead of to the printer. Save this in a file, then run "ghostview filename", eg. $ sqts -mm -s > $ ghostview

How to get the source

To get a copy of the source sent to your Mosaic client in tar format click here. Note that all this source is configured to be installed under /usr/local/contrib. To build it for a different location, compile with make HCRDESTDIR=directory. Note: this works better with the X11R4 Athena widgets than with the X11R5 Athena widgets.