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GlimpseHTTP includes automatic HTML indexer. Its primary goal is to generate some hypertext structure which supports combination of information browsing and searching. Searching is based on ArchiveGlimpse (aglimpse) search program, which is in turn a gateway between HTTP server and Glimpse search tool. Glimpse uses compact indices and allows approximate searching, Boolean searching, and more.

In essence, GlimpseHTTP indexer traverses the directory tree and builds an HTML index in each directory (ghindex.html by default). For example, if you have a running FTP site and want to make the files accessible via HTTP, you can use the indexer to generate HTML index for each directory. After that, HTTP users will be able to traverse your file tree by following hypertext links. In contrast with on-the-fly indices generated by HTTP server (for example, httpd 1.2), GlimpseHTTP indices will include files and directory descriptions if you provide it. If the description file .description is missing from the current directory, or if .description doesn't have description of some file/directory, default description is generated. Default description includes file/directory name and number of files in the directory (for directories), or file size (for regular files).
Generated indices can as well be used as a basis for hypertext structure of your server - edit them if you need fine tuning. Of course, you should have HTTP server running on your host in order to made information available via HTTP.

Index in a given directory is obtained by combining the index template file (see below) with the description of the directory.

Template File

A sample template file is included in a distribution as wwwlib/ usually it should require no modifications. (Setting your e-mail address so that users could mail you with questions is now done automatically at installation time by configure script).

Description File

Description file (.description by default) in every directory has certain information that depends on the directory. It has two types of lines:
  1. lines beginning with @ are normally copied in the beginning of generated index; they contain information pertinent to this directory.
  2. Lines beginning with filename separated from the rest of the line by <TAB> are the description of each file (directory). The description after the <TAB> will be used as a text in the hyperlink and, if it is a sub-directory, as a title for the index of that sub-directory.


Index is just one of the Archive Manager options. You invoke it by typing I <archive-number>

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