clone of UNIX cpio with extra features

Contributed by
Bob Gibson
Obtained from
GNU Archives on
Gnucpio is a reimplemention of UNIX cpio by the Free Software Foundation. It is backwards compatible with the standard cpio. It also supports a number of additional archive formats, provides a crc checksum mode, and supports filesystems with more than 64K inodes.
The above extra features are not available in SCO cpio, and are sometimes indispensable. In particular, SCO cpio can't deal with the SVR4 cpio format which is used in many distribution tapes shipped by USL and Novell.
Used it. Reports more warnings than SCO cpio.
Work Planned
This version is not compiled with support for remote tape drives; current versions of the SCO UNIX tape drivers do not include many of the required features. If and when SCO ships a conformant rmt program, it would be useful to enable these features.
Manual page
Use it like standard cpio.

Note that all this source is configured to be installed under /usr/skunk. To build it for a different location, compile with make CTRBDESTDIR=directory.