groff 1.09

An implementation of troff, nroff, pic, tbl, man, ms, mm macros, etc.

Contributed by
Tom Kelly
Obtained from
GNU Public License
Still the document production system of champions. :-)
Most complete, freely available implementation of troff and friends.
Very widely used. I've been using it since version 1.05.
Work Planned
No, although I usually try to keep up to date with the official released version.
Comes with man pages and descriptions of differences with AT&T troff. A troff manual is useful.
Test instructions are included in the INSTALL script.

How to get the source

To get a copy of the source sent to your Mosaic client in tar format click here. Note that all this source is configured to be installed under /usr/local/contrib. To build it for a different location, rerun the configure script with the appropriate prefix argument. The script configure-sco shows a working invocation of configure. Note that for SCO C++ 3.1.1, you must edit the Makefile to turn optimization off (OPTIMIZE=). Also note that you may have to invoke make with a minimal environment: env - make.