Tell us how you use Lynx

In order to ensure administrative support for the Lynx project we are soliciting information about the use of Lynx throughout the Internet. This information will be used to argue for continued financial support for the project, and possibly to help obtain grants or other external funding.

We are requesting information pertaining to how many universities, organizations, and machines are running Lynx. What kinds of user communities and how many users are being served.

As a result we would like to obtain the following information:

  1. The name of your organization or site.
  2. The number of machines upon which you have installed Lynx.
  3. The total or potential number of users served by Lynx at your site.
  4. The functions provided by Lynx at your site.
  5. The user communities served at your site. (i.e. Research, academic, general user, external user, commercial)
  6. A statement describing the impact Lynx has made upon your organization, and its overall level of usefulness.
  7. Any other comments or suggestions you may have.
We would prefer this information typed under an organizational letterhead and mailed to:

     Michael Grobe
     Academic Computing Services
     University of Kansas
     Lawrence, KS  66045
E-mail responses can be sent to:
We thank you in advance for assisting us in this endeavor.

Michael Grobe
Lou Montulli
Garrett Blythe