+++ Options Screen Help +++

        The Options Screen allows you to set and
        modify many of Lynx's features. The following
        options may be set.

     Editor             -  If non-empty it defines the editor to spawn
                           when editing a local file or sending mail.
			   Any valid text editor may be entered here.

     DISPLAY variable   -  If non-empty it specifies your X terminal
                           display address.

     Bookmark file      -  If non-empty it specifies the name of your
                           'Bookmark file'.  If the filename is not
                           absolute, then the path begins from your
		           home directory.

     Personal Mail      -  You may set your mail address here so that
     Address               when mailing messages to other people or
                           mailing files to yourself, your email address
                           can be automatically filled in.  You email
                           address will also be sent to HTTP servers in
                           a from: field.

     Searching type     -  If set to 'case sensitive', user searches
                           invoked by the '/' command will be case 
                           sensitive substring searches.  The
                           default is 'Case Insensitive' substring

     Character set     -   This option allows you to set up the default
                           character set for your specific terminal.  The
                           character set provides a mapping of 8 bit
                           ISO Latin character entities into viewable
                           characters and is only important if you will
                           be viewing these type of characters with Lynx.

     VI keys           -   If set to 'ON' then the lowercase h,j,k, and l,
                           keys will be mapped to left, down, up, right,

     Emacs keys        -   If set to 'ON' then the CTRL-P, CTRL-N, CTRL-F, 
                           CTRL-B, keys will be mapped to up, down, right, 
                           and left, respectively.

     Keypad as arrows  -   This option gives the choice between navigating 
     or numbered links     with the keypad (see Lynx Navigation) and having 
                           every link numbered so that the links may be 
                           selected by numbers instead of moving to them with
                           the arrow keys.

     User Mode         -   Beginner 
                              Shows two extra lines of help at the bottom 
                              of the screen
                           Intermediate (normal mode) 
                              The "normal" statusline messages appear. 
                              The URL is shown on the statusline. 

     Local execution   -   If set to 'ON', lynx will locally execute
     links                 commands contained inside of links.  This
                           can be HIGHLY DANGEROUS so it is recommended
                           that they remain 'ALWAYS OFF' unless
                           otherwise set by your system administrator.
                           This option may not be available on most
                           versions of Lynx.