Section 1

acctcom (1M)
Search and print process accounting file(s)
bigcal (1)
Print out calendar of month
cal (1)
Print calendar
calls (1)
Print out calling pattern of functions in a program
cat (1)
Concatenate, copy, and print files
concal (1)
Print calendar with weekly count beginning with Jan. 1
date (1)
Print or set the date and time
date+ (1)
Print date plus specified time
dbmonth (1)
Datebook monthly calendar formatter for postscript printers
dbweek (1)
Datebook weekly calendar formatter for postscript printers
diskspace (1)
Prints report of diskuse partioned by major file systems
dots (1)
Translator for the Printronix printer
echo (1)
Echo (print) arguments
enable, disable (1)
Enable/disable LP printers
enscript (1)
Convert text files to POSTSCRIPT format for printing
et (1)
Datebook weekly calendar formatter for laserjet printers
gnugrep, gnuegrep (1L)
Print lines matching a regular expression
helpprint, helpprintrst (1X)
The HP Help Print Programs.
hostname (1)
Set or print name of current host system
id (1)
Print user and group IDs and names
id, printuid (1)
Print the user's UID, GID and names
imprint (1)
Print text files on Imprint-10
ipr, oldipr (1)
Put a file on the ImPrint printer queue
iprint (1)
Convert text files to DVI format
iprx, iprz (1)
IMAGEN printer emulator interface
itroff (1)
Troff to the ImPrint printer
last_modified (1)
Print file last modified time
lp, cancel, lpalt (1)
Send/cancel/alter requests to an LP line printer or plotter
lpana (1M)
Print LP spooler performance analysis information
lpfilter, divpage, fontdl, lprpp, plotdvr, printstat, reverse (1)
Filters invoked by lp interface scripts
lprman, lprx (1)
Process nroff style tty37 output for the printronix
lpsched, lpshut, lpmove, lpfence (1M)
Start/stop the LP request scheduler, move requests, and define the minimum priority for printing
lpstat (1)
Print LP status information
ls_targetid (1M)
Prints information about the local NetLS target id.
mailstats (1)
Print mail traffic statistics
makecal (1)
Print out calendar of month on an imagen printer
man (1)
Find manual information by keywords; print out a manual entry
mm, osdd (1)
Print documents formatted with the mm macros
model (1)
Print detailed hardware model information
modemstat (1)
Print modem usage statistics
nec, npr, nprx, nprman, npq, nprm, neckill (1)
NEC printer interface
news (1)
Print news items
nljust (1)
Justify lines, left or right, for printing
nm (1)
Print name list of object file
nm++ (1)
Print name list of common object file.
nm88 (1)
MC88100 print name list
parcal (1)
Print Parsec working week calendar
partcheck (1)
Does drc checking on a part and can print out pin information and the layers drawings in postscript
pbmto10x (1)
Convert a portable bitmap into Gemini 10X printer graphics
pbmtoepson (1)
Convert a portable bitmap into Epson printer graphics
pbmtoptx (1)
Convert a portable bitmap into Printronix printer graphics
pgmhist (1)
Print a histogram of the values in a portable graymap
pmbook (1)
Print/View a "book" page from CXplan
ppmhist (1)
Print a histogram of a portable pixmap
pr (1)
Print files
praliases (1)
Print system-wide sendmail aliases
printenv (1)
Print out the environment
printf (1)
Format and print arguments
printmail (1L)
Format mail in a readable fashion for printing
printn (1)
Pr with line numbers to the line printer
printreq (1l)
Generate print requisitions
printuid (1)
Print the user's id
prmail (1)
Print out mail in the incoming mailbox file
prs (1)
Print and summarize an SCCS file
prstatus (1L)
Print textual description of a status code
prtgif (1)
Prints a tgif object file without opening windows or fonts.
prx (1)
Filter for the printronix
ps630 (1)
Convert Diablo 630 print files to POSTSCRIPT format
psroff (1)
Ditroff to a POSTSCRIPT printer
pstruct (1L)
Print out structure offsets
ptroff (1)
Troff to a POSTSCRIPT printer
qpr (1)
Submit a hardcopy print request to NQS
ras2lw (1)
Print raster on postscript printer
rasval (1)
Print greylevels of a raster
rcancel (1M)
Remove requests from a remote line printer spooling queue
rlog (1)
Print log messages and other information on RCS files
rlp (1M)
Send LP line printer request to a remote system
rlpdaemon (1M)
Remote spooling line printer daemon, message write daemon
rlpstat (1M)
Print status of LP spooler requests on a remote system
sact (1)
Print current SCCS file editing activity
size (1)
Print section sizes of object files
slp (1)
Set printing options for a non-serial printer
strings (1)
Find the printable strings in an object or other binary file
sum (1)
Print checksum and block or byte count of file(s)
tsm.lpadmin (1M)
Add or remove a printer for use with tsm (1)
uname (1)
Print name of current HP-UX version
vis, inv (1)
Make unprintable characters in a file visible or invisible
whoami (1)
Print effective current user id
x29printd (1M)
Remote PAD printer server for LP requests over X.25 network
xpr (1)
Print an X window dump
ypcat (1)
Print all values in Network Information Service map
ypmatch (1)
Print values of selected keys in Network Information Service map

Section 3

bitmap_print, dcbitmap_print, intbitmap_print (3G)
Print bitmap contents on a raster printer
file_print (3G)
Print bitmap file contents on a raster printer
isalpha(), isupper(), islower(), isdigit(), isxdigit(), isalnum(), isspace(), ispunct(), isprint(), isgraph(), iscntrl(), isascii() (3C)
Classify characters
iswalpha(), iswupper(), iswlower(), iswdigit(), iswxdigit(), iswalnum(), iswspace(), iswpunct(), iswprint(), iswgraph(), iswcntrl(), wctype(), iswctype() (3C)
Classify wide characters
nl_isalpha(), nl_isupper(), nl_islower(), nl_isdigit(), nl_isxdigit(), nl_isalnum(), nl_isspace(), nl_ispunct(), nl_isprint(), nl_isgraph(), nl_iscntrl() (3C)
Classify characters for use with NLS
print_element (3G)
Print a display list element
printf(), nl_printf(), fprintf(), nl_fprintf(), sprintf(), nl_sprintf() (3S)
Print formatted output
printmsg(), fprintmsg(), sprintmsg() (3C)
Print formatted output with numbered arguments
vprintf(), vfprintf(), vsprintf() (3S)
Print formatted output of a varargs argument list

Section 7

Print file format
lp (7)
Line printer

Section 8

atinfo (8)
Print the host's AppleTalk net, node and bridge numbers
dumpterm (8)
Print the contents of a compiled terminfo file
install_tops, install.print, install.add, install.add.TS, install.TS (8)
Installs the TOPS file server, TOPS print services, and the appletalk protocols.
nsrcap (8)
Print or update the capabilities of the nsrd program
pscomm, ps?f, psbad, psrv, pstext, psbanner, psint (8)
TRANSCRIPT spooler filters for POSTSCRIPT printers
uninstall (8)
Removes all references to the TOPS file server, TOPS print services, and the appletalk protocols from the system.