Build and search program identifier database

Contributed by
John R. MacMillan
Obtained from
Copyrighted, but freely distributable
mkid builds a database of all identifiers in a set of source files, and which files they were found in. The database can be searched very quickly for specific identifiers, regular expressions, numbers in any base, and so on. Very useful for finding your way around new (to you) or very large programs. This version had some pointer cleanup (to make it run on VX/VE), and an RJG added-value new flag.
Kept me from killing everyone who has ever worked for a certain database company, and I wouldn't have been nearly so productive from my jail cell.
I've used it for a couple of years, as has the rest of the ORACLE project, VX/VE when I was on it, UNIX900 people used it as well, I believe. I also went over much of the code cleaning it up for VX/VE. I hate the capitalization the guy uses, but I wouldn't call it unsafe.
Work Planned
man pages for mkid, [aegl]id, usage messages for fid and idx
Try "mkid -v *.[ch]" and a few searches like "gid direct" "lid -v if", "aid ook".