Library routine to get user input with history

Contributed by
Larry Philps
Obtained from
GNU ftp site
GNU Copyleft
readline is a routine that can be called from a user program. It returns a line of input in a similar manner to fgets, but while it is running, provides the user typing to it the ability to access and edit previous commands typed to readline. This editing can be done in either vi of emacs mode (emacs by default). Use this by adding the following to your compile lines -I/usr/skunk/include -L/usr/skunk/lib -lreadline
Makes other programs easir to use. Other public domain programs are starting to use it.
Examined code
Work Planned
There is some doc in TeX format in the doc subdirectory. There is no man page.
There is an example program that uses it in the examples subdirectory. Compile it and try it.

Note that all this source is configured to be installed under /usr/skunk. To build it for a different location, compile with make CTRBDESTDIR=directory.