An advanced public domain version of csh.

Contributed by
Larry Philps
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Feel free to use it. These changes to csh may only be included in a commercial product if the inclusion or exclusion does not change the purchase price, level of support, etc. Please respect the individual authors by giving credit where credit is due (in other words, don't claim that you wrote portions that you haven't, and don't delete the names of the authors from the source code or documentation).
Tcsh is a version of the Berkeley C-Shell, with the addition of: a command line editor, command and file name completion, listing, etc. and a bunch of small additions to the shell itself.

While there is a binary of this in /usr/local/contrib/bin, I would not recommend that you use this path for your shell. Having a shell on an NFS server just seems a little risky to me. So, I recommend that you copy the contrib binary to either /bin or /usr/local/bin, on your local disk, then change your default shell to this.

If you do this, and use scologin to log in, you will also need to copy the file Xsession-tcsh from the tcsh source directory to /usr/lib/X11/scologin, then edit the first line of this script to point to the location in which you installed tcsh.

If you like the csh, you will not like SCO's shipping version. You will however like this version.
It is widely used, I have examined the source, and I have been using it for years.
Work Planned
As new versions are released, I will update the source to stay in sync
Manual page.
Invoke it, and do csh style things. Also try out CTRL-P and CTRL-N to go backwards/forwards in the command history. Emacs command line editing is the default.

Note that all this source is configured to be installed under /usr/skunk. To build it for a different location, compile with make CTRBDESTDIR=directory.