SCO Visual Tcl Reference Guide
Chapter 3, SCO Visual Tcl - graphical scripting language

Navigation and selection in character mode

Navigation and selection in character mode

The following keys are used in the CHARM user interface for navigation and selection:

Arrow keys
Opens hidden lists (for example, DownArrow opens drop lists in ComboBoxes and options menus), moves up and down menus and between menus (MenuBar, MenuPane), moves between toggle buttons.

Refreshes Screen.

Provides lead-in characters to mnenonic shortcut. This is provided because <Alt> is not normally detected on a character terminal.

Cancels dialogs, closes menus canceling any selection.

Moves between input areas, accepts selection, activates buttons.

Provides context-sensitive help.

Generates a one page help screen listing the most commonly-used keys in the CHARM environment.

Moves to the menu bar from the main body of the screen.

Selects a check box or toggle button item, selects an item from multiple-select lists, activates buttons.

Moves between input areas on the screen.