VtCheckBox -- create a checkbox widget and return widget name


VtCheckBox object_name [options]


Creates a checkbox widget. Returns the widget name.


-callback cmd (C)
Specifies that cmd is called when a toggle button in the checkbox is selected (using <Space>, <Enter>, or mouse button). This overrides any individual callback set for the contained toggle buttons.

Additional callback keys:

list of selected toggle buttons)

list of selected toggle buttons

-horizontal (CS)
Sets the orientation to horizontal.

-numColumns integer (CS)
Sets the number of columns of objects in a row column, checkbox, or radiobox.

-spacing integer (CS)
Sets the spacing between objects inside a row column. Useful for a toolbar.

-value widgetName (CS)
Turns on the passed-in toggle button (unsetting all the rest). To set more than one button use -valueList.

-valueList list (CSG)
Takes a list of toggle button widget names and turns those toggle buttons on (unsetting all the rest).

-vertical (CS)
Sets the orientation to vertical.

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