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SCO's WWW Home Page

A variety of information is available from SCO's world wide web home page.
NOTE: you must have internet access to connect with the SCO WWW Home Page.

An Introduction to SCO Visual Tcl

A Motif-based graphical scripting language, SCO Visual Tcl is being released for the first time on Skunkware 2.0. If you are already familiar with SCO Visual Tcl, you may want to browse the vtcl man pages.

Brief Descriptions of Skunkware Contributions

Many of the Skunkware contributed packages include an HTML document or README with a brief description of the software. Click here to peruse these files and get some idea of the variety of software included in this release of SCO Skunkware.

Skunkware Computer Animation Contributions

Several animations are included in the Skunkware contributions. To view these, select the computer animation hot link.

Savage Rabbit Art Gallery

Tour the Savage Rabbit Art Gallery - an online collection of Objects d'Art generated by SCO employees and computer software developed under SCO ODT.

View a variety of GIF, JPEG and raw raster images

There's color pictures of Elvis, Hank, Madonna, John & Yoko, the seafloor, the lunar landings, cellular automata, Monet, Renoir, fractals and more.

Interesting Internet WWW, gopher, ftp, wais, telnet, and other sites

If you have Internet access, this extensive list of URL's demonstrate the wealth of information a mouse click away. Check out the CIA World Factbook, the NASA Home Page, the UC-Berkeley Museum of Paleontology, an extensive index to multimedia information sources, the on-line art exhibits at Le WebLouvre, and much more.

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