The Beat Farmers

Check out a much better Beat Farmers web site which inclues the following Update from Chris Raney dated March 11 1997


Hubba, Hubba !
The Country Dick solo album "The Devil Lied To Me" will be released by Bar None Records in late July. Here are some goodies from the press release.

Country Dick's artwork is on exhibit at the Intersection Gallery in San Diego (off Park Blvd.) from 8/16 to 8/29

Awright ! Jerry Raney's new band name is "Power Thud". They are playing San Diego at Winstons West 8/16 (Fri.)

Raney Blue played some of the following California shows:

God is here tonight !
Well, at least on Friday, May 10th Joey Harris will be playing with Mojo Nixon and Nick Reynolds of the Kingston Trio at the Baja Brewing Co. (ph. 619-231-9279) in downtown San Diego at 9pm. Check out the new "Mojoworld" Page!

Hey ! Camille sent me some digitized photos of the Beat Farmers that she took. Thanks, Camille !

Whoa ! There's now an official Beat Farmer's WWW page !

They even have a couple of Beat Farmer's Almanacs :

Check out the Beat Farmer FAQ or the alternate (older) Beat Farmer FAQ !

Read a sterling Review of the latest album, Manifold.


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Bio compiled by word-guru, Country Dick Montana (copied by Ken Drew)

The Beat Farmers are, without question, today's most durable legends of marginally popular music.

"Never heard of 'em!", Ya' say? Well, that ain't the Beat Farmers fault, for in the course of their eleven year existence they have:

Beat Farmer Factoids

Viking Lullabys

Viking Lullabys contains 13 new originals with occasional assistance from longtime collaborators Mojo Nixon, Paul Kamnaski, and former Farmer Buddy Blue. Viking Lullabys is already being hailed as the finest Beat Farmer effort to date.

All hail the King of loser-friendly flop-house rock!
The popes of stool pigeon bop!
Hail those gorgeous tits for tots-


Available July 26 at fine record stores. Viking Lullabys is on Sector 2 Records, Houston, Texas


Hey, they've released another album called "Manifold". Check out the Press Release.

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