X Clients (and related tools)

SCO Skunkware 96 X11 Clients
LLNL XDIR, An Advanced Graphical FTP Client
General Image Manipulation Program (The GIMP)
Xmcd - Motif(tm) CD Audio Player
xpdf: a PDF viewer for X
Mesa/GL 3-D graphics libraries
XTartan: Viewing Scottish Tartans
The WINE Project (WABI-like Windows emulator)
The NetPBM suite of Graphical Format Converters
xpaint - Nice bitmap/paint program
xv - Excellent viewer w/ color manipulation & special effects
ImageMagick - Excellent for advanced manipulation of images
xanim - animation viewer with sound... lots of formats
(general) Graphics viewers, editors, utilities, and info (multiplatform)
Ghostscript & Ghostview - postscript viewer and interface
Astrolog - Excellent freeware astrological chart generator (Windows, DOS, Mac, & UNIX)
mapedit - Graphical imagemap editor (X11/MS-Windoze software)
SunSite - Archives for UN*X, Sun, Linux, and more! (multiplatform)
The X Consortium - X11 Archives
GNU copylefted (read FREE) software - X11/UN*X Archives (X11/UN*X software)
libwww - the Library of Common Code (multiplatform)
CERN httpd - general full-featured free HTTP/proxy server
CGI archive - CGI scripts (multiplatform)
tex2html - LaTeX to HTML (UN*X software)
tkHTML - HTML Authoring software
Phoenix - A truely WYSIWYG HTML editor
asWedit - An HTML 2 and HTML 3 editor (X11/Motif software)
webify - "primitive but useful" Postscript -> HTML converter
weblint - perl script to check HTML (perl script)
getstats - WWW log analyzer
WWW & HTML Tools - The Web Consortium's archives (multiplatform)
GIFTOOL - make GIFs transparent and/or interlaced (UN*X/MS-DOS software)
ANIMATE - make animated pages for Netscape browsers (perl script)

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