Fractal Rabbit Wings

Lyapunov Sets

Scary Martian invaders initiate a War of the Worlds in Cyberia

Mandelbrot & Julia Sets

Zoom into the whorls, dragons and seahorses of Mandelbrot and Julia

Endomorphisms of the Plane

Investigate chaotic attractors, basins, bifurcation sequences, and more

Iterated Parametric Equations

Pretty doilies and patterns from iterated systems of parametric equations

Fractal Aggregate Growth

Simulations of growth patterns found in coral, marine snow and dust particles

Artificial Landscapes

View topographic maps of places you'll never be

You can select one of the fractal sub-wings above or enter the Astro Rabbit Wing, peruse the Pop Art Wing, visit the Self Portrait Wing, or stand at the Main Entrance to the Art Gallery

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