About Lynx

Lynx is a fully featured World-Wide Web browser for users on both UNIX and VMS platforms who are connected to those systems via cursor-addressable, character-cell terminals or emulators. That includes VT100 terminals, and desktop-based software packages emulating VT100 terminals (e.g., Kermit, Procomm, etc.).

For information on how to use Lynx see the Lynx User's Guide, or the Lynx help files.

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Credits and Copyright

Lynx is a product of the Distributed Computing Group within Academic Computing Services of The University of Kansas. Lynx was originally developed by Lou Montulli, Michael Grobe, and Charles Rezac. Garrett Blythe created DosLynx and later joined the Lynx effort as well. Currently it is being developed by Jeff Porter, Craig Lavender and Ravikumar Kolli.

Lynx is copyrighted by the University of Kansas and is free for non-commercial use. Commercial use will be licensed at a later date.

Thanks to Tim Berners-Lee and the other CERN World Wide Web wizards for the WWW client library code and all of their other work on the WWW project, NCSA and the Mosaic developers, and to everyone out in netland who has contributed to Lynx's development either directly (through comments or bug reports) or indirectly (through inspiration and development of other systems). Also a special thanks to Foteos Macrides who ported much of Lynx to VMS, and to Earl Fogel of the University of Saskatchewan. Earl implemented the hypertext engine HYPERREZ in the UN*X environment. HYPERREZ was developed by Niel Larson of Think.com and served as the model for the early versions of Lynx which did not use the WWW libraries and had their own hypertext format.


Lynx can currently be obtained by anonymous ftp from: ftp2.cc.ukans.edu in the pub/lynx directory.

A listserv list has been created for information about Lynx and for notification of updates. The listserv is called lynx-dev@ukanaix.cc.ukans.edu. You may sign-up by sending a message with "subscribe lynx-dev <your-name>" as the only line in the message to listserv@ukanaix.cc.ukans.edu. DO NOT send subscribe requests to the lynx-dev list itself.