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This document may be distributed freely as a whole in any form and free of charge. Parts of this document may be distributed, provided that this copyright message is included and the reader is informed that this is not the full HOWTO document. Furthermore, there is to be a pointer as to where the full document can be obtained. Specifically, it may be included in commercial distributions, without prior consent. However, I would like to be informed of such usage.

This HOWTO may be translated into any language, whatsoever, provided that you leave this copyright statement and the disclaimer intact, and that a notice is appended stating who translated the document.


While I have tried to include the most correct and up-to-date information available, I cannot guarantee that usage of the information in this document does not result in loss of data. I provide NO WARRANTY about the information in this HOWTO and I cannot be made liable for any consequences for any damage resulting from using information in this HOWTO.

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