term 2.3.5

Serial line multiplexor

Contributed by
Ron Record (rr@ronrecord.com)
Obtained from
GNU Copyleft
Term and its clients support multiple, compressed, and error-corrected communication channels over a regular serial link, typically a modem connection. The clients can set up channels to run an interactive shell on the other system (similar to rlogin), to execute commands on the other system (similar to rcmd), to transfer files in either direction, to redirect X-server connections from one system to the other, or to redirect any network port connection from one system to a port on the other. Any of these can occur simultaneously, and in either direction.
If you work from home, this will give you multiple terminal windows logged in to work at the same time. (Provided you can run the term software on your machine at home).
I've examined the code and been using it for a while.
Work Planned
With this upgrade to version 2.3.5, I probably will stop, as I've switched to using PPP. Maintenance of the Internet version has been transferred to a new person. This version contains the SCO patches (although it needed new patches to compile on SCO, as well as on many (most?) systems apart from Linux).
The several manual pages are installed in /usr/skunk/man/man.1/term*. There is a fairly comprehensive set of HTML documents detailing How To Setup Term and associated applications. Check it out.
Ensure that term is available on both ends of a connection and follow the directions in the man page.

To build it, type "make". To install, type "make install". If you want to install in a different location than /usr/skunk, then you will need to re-run the configure script as follows :
cd .../src/Tools/term-2.3.5
sh ./configure --prefix=/usr/local
make install

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