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"The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc. and SCO Skunkware are not related to, affiliated with or licensed by the famous Lockheed Martin Skunk Works (R), the creator of the F-117 Stealth Fighter, SR-71, U-2, Venturestar(tm), Darkstar(tm), and other pioneering air and spacecraft."


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SCO Skunkware 5 Contents

Known problems and limitations

Where and how to get SCO Skunkware fixes/updates

Introducing SCO Skunkware 5

Nearly 650 Mbytes of ported productivity tools, X11 graphical clients, technical library supplements, games, animations and more, SCO Skunkware 5 is available for free for the asking. This brief introduction includes instructions on how to obtain the CD-ROM.

SCO Object Tcl

A Tcl extension package, SCO Object Tcl makes it possible to use object oriented programming concepts in Tcl and use/reuse C++ classes. SCO Object Tcl acts like an interpreted extension to C++. SCO Skunkware 5 contains the Object Tcl Library, Source, as well as documentation providing :

SCO Visual Tcl


The SCO Help API provides a low-level context-sensitive help api for use with the ScoHelp system.

Productivity Tools

The meat and potatoes of the Skunk, including the latest GNU development system tools, and Fresco, an object-oriented API for development of window-based applications.

Graphical X11 Clients

Uh, the broccoli and cauliflower of the Skunk.


And dessert, of course.

SCO Custom Installable Skunkware Components

Many of the SCO Skunkware contributed packages include an SCO Custom "package" file which was used to prepare a Cusom-installable "relocatable storage section". This is the spiffy new installation technology developed by SCO and introduced in SCO OpenServer Release 5. Click here to find out which components are custom-installable.

Descriptions of SCO Skunkware Contributions

Many of the SCO Skunkware contributed packages include an HTML document or README with a brief description of the software. Click here to peruse these files and get some idea of the variety of software included in this release of SCO Skunkware.

SCO Technical Library Supplements

Many interesting and useful but unsupported "as-is" software supplements for use on your SCO OpenServer 5 and SCO ODT 3.0 systems.

SCO Skunkware Computer Animation

Several animations are included in the SCO Skunkware 5 contributions. To view these, select the computer animation hot link. Included are several AVI animations of the SCO OpenServer 5 ScoLogin Logo, including:

(installation of the Network Audio Server is required for the audio portion).

Savage Rabbit Art Gallery

Tour the Savage Rabbit Art Gallery - an online collection of Objects d'Art generated by SCO employees and computer software developed under SCO ODT 3.0 and SCO OpenServer 5.

Interesting Internet Sites

If you have Internet access, this extensive list of URL's demonstrate the wealth of information a mouse click away. Check out the CIA World Factbook, the NASA Home Page, the UC-Berkeley Museum of Paleontology, an extensive index to multimedia information sources, the on-line art exhibits at Le WebLouvre, and much more.

Retrieve SCO Skunkware 5 files via ftp

You can download individual files from the SCO Skunkware 5 distribution using ftp. However, be fore-warned, there's over 600 Mbytes on this disk. You may prefer to obtain the entire CD-ROM.

Building SCO Skunkware 5 Components From Source

You may desire to rebuild one or more SCO Skunkware 5 components. Source for almost all of SCO Skunkware 5 is included and buildable using SCO OpenServer Release 5 and the SCO OpenServer Development System Release 5. Click here to learn about the SCO Skunkware 5 build environment.

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