Brief and Incomplete Description of Skunkware 5.0

The SCO Skunkware 5.0 CD-ROM contains a wide variety of contributed software. What follows is an overview of the components of Skunkware 5.0. This overview is not complete but should give the reader a fairly thorough understanding of the contents of the CD-ROM. For a complete sorted listing of every file and directory on SCO Skunkware 5, see the file /usr/skunk/CONTENTS.

Skunkware 5.0 is an High-Sierra/Rockridge filesystem CD-ROM and, as such, is mountable read-only. The packaging instructs the user to mount the CD-ROM with the command "mount -r /dev/cd0 /usr/skunk". Once the CD-ROM is mounted, the user is encouraged to peruse the following README.

Browsing the Skunkware 5.0 CD-ROM via Mosaic is a very good way to familiarize oneself with the contents of the CD.

Items of interest include :

+ SCO Object Tcl

+ SCO Help API

+ SCO Visual Tcl

+ Technical Library Supplements

+ Productivity Tools

+ Graphical X11 Clients

+ Games, Images and Animations.

SCO Object Tcl is a Tcl extension package that makes it possible to use object oriented programming concepts in Tcl and use/reuse C++ classes. SCO Object Tcl acts like an interpreted extension to C++.

The SCO Help API provides a low-level context-sensitive help api for use with the ScoHelp system. X11 graphical clients wishing to provide context-sensitive help via the ScoHelp facility can utilize the SCO Help API contained herein.

SCO Skunkware 5.0 includes two new contributions from the SCO Visual Tcl team :
Extending SCO Visual Tcl
The SCO Visual Tcl interpreter can be extended with additional commands that you create.
SCO Visual Tcl Reference Guide
An updated custom-installable reference guide.

The Technical Library Supplements are offered for experimental or educational use. They are not supported by SCO Support. In some cases, these are components or updates to existing SCO Software. Examples of Technical Library Supplements are the Athena Widget Library, Sample programs for direct console video i/o, Soundblaster driver and utilities, X/Y/Zmodem file transfer commands, Lynx character mode browser, and so on. See the TLS README for a complete list and description of the Technical Library Supplements on Skunkware.

The Productivity Tools consist of a wide variety of software tools ported to SCO OpenServer Release 5 by a diverse group of SCO employees and partners. These tools include :

+ GNU Development System Tools
+ Fresco,
an object-oriented API for development of window-based applications.
+ xsw,
a client/server based system resource monitoring tool
+ ausay,
takes a list of words and attempts to convert them to speech
+ bash,
GNU Project's interactive shell with Bourne shell syntax
+ bpatch,
a vi-like curses based binary editor and dump program
+ calc,
a multi-precision calculator
+ cproto,
generates C function prototypes from C source code
+ cvs,
a collection of programs that provide software revision control
+ ecu,
an asynchronous communications program
+ elm,
a screen oriented mail front-end
+ emacs,
version 19.22 of the GNU extensible, customizable, self-documenting real-time display editor and everything else you want
+ gawk,
GNU Awk 2.15, a pattern scanning and processing language
+ gdb,
the GNU debugger
+ gdiff,
GNU diff, diff3, sdiff and cmp utilities
+ getline,
command-line editing library with history
+ ghostview,
GNU graphical interface to the ghostscript Postscript viewer
+ glimpse,
an indexing and query system
+ gnucpio,
GNU clone of cpio with extra features
+ gnugrep,
GNU version of grep (very fast)
+ groff,
GNU version of troff, nroff, pic, tbl, man, ms & mm macros, etc.
+ ghostscript,
an X11 based postscript interpreter from GNU
+ gzip, gzip
file compressor/uncompressor and utils from GNU
+ hostbyaddr,
convert hex, octal or decimal internet address to dotted decimal notation and the hostname
+ inn, inn
InterNetNews, a suite of programs for accessing Usenet
+ ispell,
curses based interactive spelling checker and correcter
+ less,
a text pager, similar to more
+ libwais,
libraries which provide direct WAIS support for clients
+ linuxdoc-sgml,
a system for formatting documents using SGML
+ macgetaddr,
get the ethernet MAC address for an adaptor
+ maplay,
MPEG audio player version 1.2
+ md5,
compute a cryptographic message digest of a file or string
+ metamail,
can turn any mail-reading program into a multi-media mail reader
+ mkid,
builds a database of identifiers and which files they are found in
+ mpack,
encodes and decodes binaries in MIME format mail messages
+ mpeg_encode,
the Berkeley MPEG-1 video encoder
+ ncftp,
Internet file transfer program with features not in ftp
+ patch,
GNU utility to apply a set of diffs to a source tree
+ perl,
version 5.0 of the popular scripting language
+ rcs,
manages multiple revisions of files
+ sc,
a spreadsheet calculator
+ shar,
pack and unpack files/directories in "shar" format
+ sox,
translates sound samples between various file formats
+ tcsh,
csh implementation with dynamic command line editing and completion
+ term,
serial line multiplexor
+ texinfo,
documentation system that uses a single source file to produce both on-line information and printed output
+ tin,
full-screen easy to use threaded Netnews reader
+ ucblogo,
Logo programming language interpreter
+ unzip,
list, test or extract a ZIP archive
+ xc,
expanded xcomm 2.2 Unix dialout telecommunications program
+ zip,
compression and file packaging utility
+ zoo,
create and maintain collections of files in compressed form

And these newly contributed SCO Skunkware 5 Productivity Tools :

SCO Object Tcl
SCO Visual Tcl Reference Guide
Extending SCO Visual Tcl
Custom installable Skunkware SSO's
Buttons, Icons, Lines & Dingbats
Useful Little Scripts
Glimpse Http
Gnu Diff
Gnu Patch

The Graphical X11 Clients include :

+ Mosaic
version 2.4 of the networked information browser from NCSA
+ coral
calculate and display aggregating particles
+ endo
iterate a map of the plane and display dynamics graphically
+ hop
iterate a system of parametric equations
+ httpd
NCSA's hypertext transfer protocol deamon
+ ImageMagick
a suite of image processing utilities
+ julia/mandel
calculate and display Julia and Mandelbrot sets
+ lds
calculate and display lattice dynamical systems
+ lyap
calculate and display Lyapunov exponents of an iterated map
+ pbmplus
suite of utilities for converting various image formats
+ mpeg_play
the Berkeley MPEG video software decoder
+ splines
uses bouncing balls as control points for generating cubic curves
+ spore
calculate and display an aggregating particle
+ stars
simulate the viewport of the starship Enterprise
+ wais
Wide Area Information Server searches and retrieves information
+ xanim
display animations in various formats
+ xgrab
grab and dump arbitrary portions of X-Window screens
+ xlock
screen locking program with several modes
+ xmartin
root window decorator based on iterated equations
+ xmcd
Motif-based CD audio player and database
+ xpaint
a program to paint pictures and icons
+ xpm
pixmap manipulation library
+ xtopo
calculate and display a topographic map of an artificial landscape
+ xv
version 3.10 of this popular image viewer

And these newly contributed SCO Skunkware 5 Graphical X11 Clients :

Desktop Configuration
HTML Widgets
Tcl Motif
Xmbase Grok

A few of the Games included on Skunkware 5.0 are :

+ Acm
+ Battleship
+ Catclock
+ Dinkum3
+ Gtetris
+ Ishido
+ Lptalk
+ Mandel
+ Xtile
+ Nethack
+ Reve
+ Roids
+ Sfs
+ Spatial
+ Spy vs. Bob
+ Warp
+ Xballs
+ Xblockbuster
+ Xboing
+ Xconq
+ Xephem
+ Xfishtank
+ Xhearts
+ Xinvaders
+ Xjewel
+ Xlife
+ Xmille
+ Xmine
+ Xmoria
+ Xmris
+ Xpipeman
+ Xrobots
+ Xsnake
+ Xsokoban
+ Xspringies

And these newly contributed SCO Skunkware 5 Games :

Net Fortune
Fly 8
Mandel Spawn
Net 3D

Images and animations include MPEG, FLC, FLI, AVI and GIF format files. Skunkware animations can be viewed with mpeg_play or xanim. The GIF images included selections from classical art, popular recording artists, fractal mathematics, the ocean and NASA space images.

Digitized audio files can be played back on an SCO system with a sound card after installing the appropriate TLS's (SoundBlaster, VoxWare, NAS). Skunkware 5.0 provides audio play utilities play_snd and maplay as well as audio conversion tools like sox.

Have fun and be productive,

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