14 Reliability of TERM versions

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Many versions of TERM are around now. The maintainer of TERM, Bill Riemers, has made a list of TERM versions stating what versions are reliable and what versions you had better avoid. This list is the following:

        term110          --> cannot really say
        term111          --> cannot really say
        term112          --> cannot really say
        term113          --> cannot really say
        term114          --> fairly stable BETA version
        term115          --> unstable BETA version
        term116          --> unstable BETA version
        term117          --> unstable BETA version
        term118          --> semi-stable BETA version
        term119          --> stable GAMMA version
        term-2.0.X       --> semi-stable BETA versions
        term-2.1.X       --> more stable BETA versions
        term-2.2.X       --> new BETA versions
        term-2.3.X       -->

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