13 Things to remember

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In this section I try to present you with a list of useful ftp addresses, URL's etc. where you can find software and information about TERM.






comp.os.linux.announce           announce of new TERM versions and Term-HOWTO
comp.os.linux.help               ask your questions about TERM here
comp.os.linux.misc               or here
comp.protocols.misc              answers to TERM questions are also posted here.

When you start asking questions on netnews please make sure that you give people in the groups as much information as they need to solve your problem (TERM version number, way you set up your connection etc.). At this moment many TERM versions are in use and all have their specific and common problems. Therefore, when you want a useful answer, at least state the version of TERM you are using. Otherwise, in some cases only wild guesses are possible to help you solve your problems.

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